Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       


everything you are looking for Collaboration with Alicia Eggert 

Coleman Burke Gallery. Brunswick, ME.  Oct & Nov 2012

Artisphere, Washington D.C. Oct 2013

Savery Gallery, Philadephia, PA. Jan 2015


Project X Collaboration with Hand2Mouth Theater 

Portland Community College. Portland, OR.  Apr 2008

Bumbershoot. Seattle, WA. June 2008

Milepost 5. Portland, OR. July 2008


The Heart Compartment Collaboration with Leigh Tillman

First Friday MENSK Truck Show. Portland, ME. March 2011

CUL8R Collaboration with MENSK

Space Gallery Block Party. Portland, ME. Sept 10, 2011


oceans Collaboration with Bomb Diggity Arts Collective 

Bomb Diggity Gallery. Portland, ME.  May 2012


AIR IT OUT Collaboration with Alex Kelly.

FIGMENT NYC, Governor’s Island. Jun 2013.

FIGMENT Boston, Rose Kennedy Greenway. July 2013.