Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       


The 70 Second Changing Room

A walk-in ganzfeld (a visual field without a perceptible edge) which is illuminated with each color of the spectrum. The color of light passes through each frequency of the spectrum slowly and barely noticeably. Each color lasts for around 12 seconds before changing to the next.

One person is allowed in at a time and must spend the full 70 seconds inside the room, alone. There is a digital timer which counts down the seconds and indicates when an individual is allowed to leave.



Walk- through sculpture that demonstrates the size of the electro magnetic field of the heart (6-12 feet in diameter).

This project is the next iteration and outdoor version of “The Heart Field” which provided an experience of the magnitude of the largest human bio-electric field.


Full spectrum tunnel of light and sound designed to balance the hemispheres of the brain and induce a state of relaxation.