Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       


The Heart Compartment is an exploration of the contents of the heart. Working within the parameters of MENSK’s First Friday Truck show, I had a 10’ x 5’ x 6’ metal box (the back of a Uhaul truck) to explore this concept. I used the windowless metal compartment as a representation of the heart and then stretched a screen across the back. On this screen, I affixed 36 line drawings (based on the human figure) to represent the contents of the heart and illuminated it with a sequence of colored lights. With the help of dancer Leigh Tillman, we choreographed and performed movements to physically express each of these drawings/ sensations of the heart. We performed each movement spontaneously throughout the evening. Participants could answer the question written across the screen,  “What is happening inside your heart?”, by texting the number of their answer to MENSK.

For photos and a much more complete description, please see MENSK’s website.

The Heart Compartment

fabric, projector

PROJECT GOALS: to create an interaction with the public about the contents of their hearts

5’ w. 6’ h. 10’ d.