Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       



fabric, laundry line, 6’ table, PVC pipe

variable size: 20’ square- 40’ square

This collaboration brought the interests of Alex Kelly and myself together: the fusion of story-telling and interactive installation.

Each participant was invited to share an unexpressed story or thought and ‘air it out’ on the 20 foot square of suspended laundry line surrounding the main stage of the installation: the dinner table. This place is one of the main stages of social interaction, and a great gathering spot for strangers to express deep-seated sentiments. Or random thoughts.

The interaction was two-fold: both reading everyone else’s ‘dirty laundry’, and writing one’s own. The color-coded categories provided an organizational system which both New Yorkers and Bostonians abided by successfully.

PROJECT GOALS: To provide a public airing of grievances; to help people know they are not alone