Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       


The process of rebirth most often times happens accidentally. The Womb Room is a place to initiate the process of beginning again and to reflect on where you are in your own life cycle.

Artist Anna Todaro invited me to create this space at The Core, a 3.5’ tall gallery at Everett Station Lofts in Portland, OR. I used 30 bags of cotton batting and 75 yds. of red satin  to create the cushy uterine environment. I sculpted the centrally suspended egg out of fiberglass and resin with a specialized light that faded in and out to create a hypnotic, life-like effect. Audio engineer Cosmos Corbin fused a soundtrack of a human heartbeat with a background wash of indistinct sound to emulate the aural experience of being in the womb.

The Womb Room


fiberglass, satin, cotton batting, lighting, speakers

9’w. 3.5’h. 8’d.

PROJECT GOAL: to provide an experience of rebirth