Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       


The Sun Stand

Right now (unless today is the summer or winter solstice), the sun’s trajectory is moving further north or further south in our daytime sky. More scientifically, on the summer solstice and the winter solstice, the earth reverses the direction of its tilt towards or away from the sun and on this day, the earth does not move in either direction. This causes the sun’s path through the earth’s sky to stand still: this phenomenon is known as sun-standing.  Since the sun stands still from our perspective, I created a sun we could stand still on.

For the 2010 Solstice, Ian Paige of Space Gallery invited me to make a solstice themed installation for inclusion in the June 21st Solstice pary in the Casco Bay.  I used a heavy canvas that could withstand foot traffic for the sun and strips of cotton for the rays which splayed out from the edge of the sun and connected to the ceiling. The rays formed a walkway through the center of the sun by angling out from opposite sides of the circle.

James Helms, photographer, designed all the lighting and Stacy Jorgensen assisted with installation.

fabric,studio lights

6’w. 8’h. 6’d.

PROJECT GOALS: to bring awareness to the solstice and

provide an educational experience