Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       


“Gestalt” is a theory of perception describing our tendency to organize visual elements into a unified whole. This installation consists of 2592 separate pieces of string stretched on a grid. The message “SLOW DOWN” is painted on the strings and is only perceptable as a whole AND from a particular angle.

The installation faces one of the busiest streets in Portland and makes no sense at a fast pace OR if viewed from right to left; pedestrians have to pay attention and literally SLOW DOWN to see what is happening.

On their own, the strings have no meaning. From the opposite perspective, the strings have no meaning.

Only when viewed while walking south on Congress St. can the strings, as a whole (the gestalt experience of perception), have meaning and send a message.

The Speed of Gestalt

string, pegboard, fabric

12’w. 8’h. 2’d.