Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       


The Solution Space is an experimental installation designed to increase creativity. Alpha brainwave synchronization occurs during creative thought production and the “A-ha” moment, as well as during meditation. Also, when sense of space is warped by looking at a ganzfeld (a visual field with no perceptible edge), it is more likely that a shift in consciousness will occur and an the brain will shift into alpha. The Solution Space altered perceived sense of space and entrained the brain to an alpha state..  an experiment to see if environment can be manipulated to help us think more creatively. When Dr. Tony McCaffrey helped me analyze the data, we found a 37% increase in creative fluency as a result of spending 15 minutes in The Solution Space.

For details on the research and this experiment, please download the pdf or watch the movie.

The Solution Space

Tyvek, 4-way mirror, wood, padding, soundtrack

12’w. 27’h. 6’d.


  1. increase creativity

  2. provide a productive respite during the busy day

  3. lower stress levels

Download the Abstract/ SIG CHI 2015 submission: The Solution Space Abstract_Amy Jorgensen_FINAL.pdf