Amy Holway Jorgensen        Installation Art                       



Tyvek, tension rods, 2 pairs of 2-channel speakers

There are two natural environments that have a potent effect on brain chemistry: mountain tops and long expanses of horizon (gazing across the ocean). For most of us, the immense amount of space perceived during these moments has a intense awe-striking power. For a moment, our thoughts vanish and we are completely absorbed in the here and now. Peak Experience is a combination of these two settings: the outside of the installation was designed to resemble an snow-capped mountain peak and the inside to resemble an immersive horizon line.

Since recreating a powerful peak experience is difficult to do with sculpture alone, I added in 2 pairs of speakers broadcasting binaural beats resonating at 10Hz. The sound entrainment helps to transport participants into a slightly altered state while gently gazing at the horizon lines. The speakers were equidistant from the ears of the participants, one pair at knee level and one pair at head level. Because the same waveform was broadcast from two locations at a specific distance from each other, there was a sound canceling effect at particular areas in the room. While circumnavigating the installation, the negative interference pattern caused ‘dead spots’ where the sound wave had no amplitude.

PROJECT GOALS: To provide a walk-in experience of the ‘peak experience’ of standing on a mountain top and the brain-hemisphere balancing effect of staring at the horizon line.